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Styling a Baby Girls Hair (Tips and Tricks)

Having a baby girl is always fun and with it comes lots of adventures in fashion and beauty. As a baby girl grows older her hair starts to grow as well and with it comes hair styling opportunities or hair styling challenges depending on if you’re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty person. Usually, it’s preferable both for parents and kids to keep baby girl hairstyles simple that’s why parents make use of baby headbands, Bows for Babies, and flower bands. Below are some different hairstyles that parents can try.

How to Get the Hairstyles to Stay

Because of the baby hairs, braided toddler styles usually only look good for the first half of the day.  Naptime destroys them!  If you put some gel on the tips of your fingers before you begin braiding I’ve noticed that helps keep the braids looking nice and put together until at least naptime.  Find a hair gel that works best for your child’s hair and that you love and use it by applying it to the hair during and after styling.

Different Types of Styles and Instructions

Flower Headband: The flower headband is a classic and as far as baby hairstyles go. It pretty much works for which works for the youngest of the young. To wrap the hair up in one hold, you’ll need is a wide-tooth comb and a soft fabric headband. Create a sort of side parting and add a textile band, ideally made from hypoallergenic materials. Flower embellishments are not mandatory but are recommended to add that extra spunk and playfulness.

Side-Swept Bangs with French Braid: This is a great style for a hair d that already has bangs. Here’s a creative way to keep those bangs off her face. Sweep the soft locks to one side, then create a side-braid, by pulling in strands from the parting. At the end, fasten it with a hair-colored band and you’re all done.

Perfect High Ponytail: The high ponytail is great for any hair texture but it’s particularly great for super-curly hair. Comb and then sweep those curls up and tie the hair as high as it will go. A big, funky bow will top it all off like a cherry on an ice cream Sundae. Another great use for Bows for Babies.

Ribbon Headband for Curly Hair: Got a snazzy affair coming up? There aren’t that many hairstyles for babies that would make the cut—especially not for kids who haven’t even turned 1-year-old yet! If your little one has short, naturally curly hair, work with a headband and some kid-friendly pomade to achieve this mixed look. The band will push most of the hair off her face, while the slicked-up bangs will stay in place all day.

Pigtails, Braids, and Buns: These are great for active days. To make this hairstyle, start by creating a central part. Divide each side into two sections and make a French braid in the top part. Finish off each side with a normal braid, then tie both into ponytails. To keep your little girl cool, twist each tail into a loose bun.

High Dutch Braids: High Dutch braids are a bit more complicated than normal braids so they are for moms who like to braid. And there’s no need to worry about learning a new technique: Dutch braids aren’t that much different from French braids. In fact, they’re just the same, but you’re pulling each strand under the others. Start right at the hairline and work your way down, braiding closely to the scalp. Finish each side with a normal braid and secure it with a band.

Pretty Flat Twists with Braided Band: Cornrows have a long standing as one of the more sophisticated baby girl hairstyles, and that’s because they require a bit of work. You can substitute them with flat twists that are a bit easier to complete. Separate a big section of the hair at the top of the head. Divide it into your desired number of braids. Create the first french braid, but stop at the point where you want the braided band to begin. Complete the other cornrows/flat twists. The band is braided from a chunk of hair above the ear. Once you’ve finished it fix it across your cornrows/flat twists. Leave the rest of the hair loose.

Short Side-Parted Hairstyle With Bow Pin: This hairstyle couldn’t be any simpler.Side-part your baby’s hair, then make sure it stays off her face by securing it with a fun clip. Both mom and little girl are guaranteed to stay happy for the rest of the day! Finer hair is more difficult to style into a French braid, but a simple braid can definitely work. First, divide the hair into three horizontal sections. Secure the first two with elastic bands, then braid the remainder of the hair. Fasten the braid, put on the band, make a big bow, then go out and play!

Quick & Perfect Bow Ponytails: If you have bows for baby babies they’ll be very convenient for this style. Some days, there’s no time for braiding or buns. All you need is an easy style fix for daycare or a playdate. This one works by dividing the hair into four sections. Tie the uppermost ones into ponytails, or even braid them. Then, bring the hair on both sides into two larger ponytails, fastened with big, fluffy bows. Cute, isn’t it?

Hopefully, these style options make it easier for you to style your baby’s hair. Try something new, you never know, you just might love it.